I am a New York based Brazilian-American artist working with a variety of media, including works on paper, video, photography, and sculpture. I earned my BFA in Sculpture from University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Recent works are exaggerated visualizations of what it can look like to love intensely and how that intensity can border on consumption, violence, or physical over-extension. I use playfulness and humor to think about the tensions and boundaries in relationships with the self and others, which I hope can complicate notions of longing and love.

Earlier works explored the duality of drawing as a permanent and ephemeral medium, creating a parallel between drawing and the function of memory. Drawings on paper are treated delicately to avoid tearing or smudging, yet they can withstand hundreds of years with integrity. Memory can function in a similar way. It may become faded, colored, or altered but the essence remains and gets passed on through stories. The drawings aimed to simultaneously solidify a moment and emphasize the transience of time and memory.

Recent exhibitions include the Schuylkill Environmental Center, Philadelphia, PA; Fleisher Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Studio 2424, Philadelphia, PA; Conartist Gallery, New York, NY; UnderOneRoof, Bronx, NY; Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX; Paterson Art Factory, Paterson, NJ; Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL; University of the Arts, PA; School of Visual Arts, NY; public artwork for the New York Restoration Project at the Suffolk Street Community Garden, New York, NY; public art project for Figment Festival, Governor Island, NY; among others.